As fans grapple with the death of author, TV personality, chef, and poet Anthony Bourdain, it seems one method of doing so is getting to know him on a deeper level through his writing.

As of today, his book Kitchen Confidential has risen to the number-one spot on Amazon's books best-seller ranks.

Bourdain wrote Kitchen Confidential in his 40s. It was the title that paved his way to become a beloved author and TV host. Released in 2000, the book opened many readers' eyes to what happens in restaurant kitchens. It's told in brutally honest, sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying language all while telling Anthony's story from a New Jersey kid who never thought he'd make it, to near-homelessness and addiction, to the simple joys of slicing garlic. It also led to millions of New Yorkers avoiding fish on Mondays and ordering their steaks medium-rare.

Some of the most tragic stories are those of artists who were never appreciated during their times. Franz Kafka died unknown while editing The Hunger Artist. Sylvia Plath died at her own hands before The Bell Jar was ever appeciated. In the case of Bourdain, however, he was loved by millions of fans for his writing, his no-nonsense TV presence, his love of music, and his spirit for living. At least we have that.

Meanwhile, his 2016 cookbook titled Appetites: A Cookbook has jumped back on the best-seller charts after two years off.

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