In a year where Amazon ($AMZN) has been criticized for workforce management and labor treatment, the company has nevertheless sought to create a safer environment by staffing up with medical, health and safety professionals to support its growing warehousing, shipping and logistics component of its e-commerce business. 

Amazon job postings took off in 2019, and the Washington e-commerce titan posted a whopping 46% more jobs to its site (not shown) in a year where it saw shares rise by about 8%, underperforming the S&P 500.

But, when it comes to medical, health and safety professionals, Amazon added more than 193% more job postings for these roles, far outpacing its broader hiring spree. 

Positions Amazon is opening in the category in greater number includes jobs like "Senior Site EHS Manager," "Injury Prevention Specialist," and "Onsite Medical Representative." Some of the roles require staffers to be certified with medical training, and some also require that applicants be prepared to maintain records of first aid administered at Amazon facilities. 

As Amazon increased resources for medical and safety professionals, in 2019 several reports chronicled unsafe labor practices at the e-commerce disruptor's shipping centers.

Recent reporting uncovered injury rates at Amazon facilities including its Staten Island, NY, location that exceed industry averages. Other locations, according to a separate report, saw Amazon warehouse staff suffering serious injuries. 

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