YETI ($YETI) is making coolers cooler. The company has been on fire for the past few years, wowing investors and consumers with slick, high-end insulated drinkware and coolers. Sales have surged, mostly due to demand for YETI's travel cups and bottles.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the holiday quarter saw a 34% increase in drinkware sales from the year prior, accounting for two-thirds of total business. YETI's quarterly profit fell, but they seem to be making progress, just at a slower pace. 

The company reported a 23% jump in fourth-quarter sales and projected annual revenue to surpass $1 billion. YETI finished out last year with $913.7 million in revenue, a 17% increase since 2018. Today, executives forecast a revenue growth of 13% to 15% for 2020.

Our data reflects the general goodwill towards YETI. The company's Facebook likes have gone up 74% since 2016 as the target audience has expanded from outdoorsmen to everymen. Well, everymen with at least $200 to spend on a chilled beverage container. 

YETI has also introduced $25 mugs, $80 lunch bags, and $300 dog beds. The brand's reach is only growing. In the future, everything will be insulated by YETI. Underground bunkers, Fort Knox, your own home, there is no stopping the YETI name.

About the Data:

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