Job cuts have become a universal truth in the past couple of months, as some companies furlough employees others simply let people go. Meanwhile, hiring at companies — with very few exceptions — has been historically low as HR departments wait to see when offices will be open again.

We teamed up with Candor, a startup that negotiates pay for tech professionals, to pair its crowd-sourced hiring-freeze list with our data as reported by companies' own career sites. From Candor's list, we were able to match against roughly 1,500 companies that we track in order to understand how they're hiring based on monthly changes in job listings data. Head on over to to see the live list, and see below to see our data straight from the source.

For instance, over at Candor, users are reporting that Dollar General is Hiring. Based on our data, the company is listing a whopping 49,765 openings on its careers site. Meanwhile, some Candor contributors are reporting both a hiring spree and hiring activity at Amazon. On our site, we're seeing something similar: while recent listings are down 10.6% month over month, the company still lists nearly 35,000 openings on its recruiting websites.

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