Today, Amazon announced that it will cancel its plan to launch HQ2 in Long Island City, New York. This comes after pushback and complaints from citizens and politicians who said that Amazon's $3 billion in incentives wouldn't pay off for the city.

HQ2 would have created 25,000 high-tech jobs in New York City. While Amazon had been drumming up hiring in New York for some time leading up to the announcement, a true surge in openings hasn't come yet.

Looked at over time, Amazon jobs have large been at its Seattle headquarters, as Bangalore, London, and Megura vied for the second-most-active Amazon hiring hubs.

As of yesterday, however, New York is the fourth most in-demand city for Amazon, behind Seattle, Bangalore, and Herndon.

That said, of the 24,396 openings Amazon lists on its careers site today, just 674 are for its current New York location, or 3%. 

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