Fourth-quarter losses for e-commerce home retailer Wayfair ($W) were deeper than expected in this morning’s earnings report. With the report, the company’s share price dropped 8% with a net loss of $330.2 million— that’s $3.54 per share. Last year, Wayfair lost $1.59 per share, totaling $143.8 million.

And that’s not all the company’s losing. Wayfair’s LinkedIn headcount started to drop off in December after steadily rising all last year. 11,900 employees went down to 11,400 in January. While this is only a 4% decrease, it follows years of nearly uninterrupted expansion. That said, the number is now at 11,700, so an upswing is possible.


On the bright side, revenue came in at $2.53 billion, up from $2.01 billion. Wayfair has seen steady growth in its Twitter and Instagram followers. The company’s Facebook ‘Talking About’ count has remained healthy, as well. It hasn’t grown much in two years, today at 173,000, but that number is quite a bit higher than where it was five years ago. Since 2015, Wayfair’s Facebook mentions have gone up 91%.

A few days ago, Wayfair partnered with Kelly Clarkson for an Instagram campaign. If Instagram and Twitter followings continue to grow, maybe so will the company.

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