Walmart ($WMT) released wage details for its employees in an effort to be transparent and quell critics' outrage over how much its employees are paid. The report revealed that while full-time hourly workers make on average $25,000 annually, store managers are paid $175,000.

What may not be too obvious while this report is being circulated is the number of jobs that Walmart has on its careers website.

Usually, Walmart has a steady stream of openings listed on its careers website. However, leading up to the day of this report, there was a massive dropoff in job listings. More specifically, from April 6 to May 6, there was a 45% decrease in the number of individual openings on Walmart's official careers page.

Within that drop, what happened to those $175,000 a year Store Manager jobs? Well, they have now become few and far between.

Out of the thousands of jobs listed by Walmart, the number of those that contain the words "store manager" are in the teens. Even then, that includes positions such as "Emerging Store Manager," who manages a smaller store, and Assistant Store Managers. As of May 6, there hasn't been a public listing for an actual Store Manager position since April 30th, when Walmart was looking for tens of these positions in areas ranging from Pittsburgh to Round Rock, Texas.

This could also mean that these high ranking operational management positions are hired internally — a corporate ladder of sorts, in other words. In the same report where it detailed the Store Manager average salary of $175,000, Walmart said that more than 75% of operational management team members started as hourly workers.

Understandably so, those $175,000 jobs are in high demand. And while full-time hourly workers average $25,000 a year, the jury is still out among the public as to whether Walmart's hiring and employment practices are up to the internet's standards.

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