Last year on Black Friday, millions of Facebook ($FB) users were at stores snatching up deals. At the same time, Facebook tracked their check-ins, mobile device shares, and photo location tags made at those stores, aggregating them all into a "were here" count that acts as a foot traffic metric.

Like all Facebook metrics in our database, the were here count updates at midnight of that day. Therefore, looking at the difference between the were here count on Black Friday and the day after gives us an idea of the businesses that were booming on one of the busiest shopping day of the year.

Here were the businesses that saw the biggest percentage increase in foot traffic on Black Friday last year.

Facebook Username Were Here Count (Black Friday) Were Here Count (Day After) Change Change %
victoriassecret 22,809 24,386 1,577 6.47%
CasasBahia 39,967 40,867 900 2.20%
joescrabshack 41,109 41,820 711 1.70%
carters 23,914 24,294 380 1.56%
achotels 22,091 22,360 269 1.20%
familiaextra 96,473 97,558 1,085 1.11%
fridaysesp 36,766 37,176 410 1.10%
CrownCenter 184,742 186,602 1,860 1.00%
GreyhoundBus 49,243 49,693 450 0.91%
IdealImage 11,524 11,623 99 0.85%

Victoria's Secret ($LB) saw the most dramatic change in foot traffic last year on Black Friday, seeing an increase of 6.47% between November 24 and November 25, 2017. Usually, the lingerie outfitter throws in free products or gift cards with select purchases on this day, which is decent, but not as attractive to more frugal shoppers who wait for the company's huge semi-annual sales.

Given Victoria's Secret's current state of affairs — sliding sales, backlash over CMO Ed Razek's plus size and transgender model comments, Jan Singer resigning from its CEO position, and a recent cut to their annual dividend— Victoria's Secret may be far from a winner this year.

Other retailers that saw large foot traffic increases were Brazilian furniture store Casas Bahia ($OTCBB:GBXPY), children and baby clothier Carter's ($CRI), and the Crown Center mall in Kansas City. Greyhound Bus ($LON:FGP) also saw a foot traffic increase, most likely due to people trying to find their way back home after visiting with family for the holiday.

And for some reason, people who didn't have enough turkey on Thanksgiving went to Joe's Crab Shack the day after to munch on as many crab legs as they could eat.

Black Friday means plenty of green for the silver screen

Facebook Username Were Here Count (Black Friday) Were Here Count (Day After) Change Change %
RegalMovies 37,584,278 37,621,901 37,623 0.10%
cinemark 21,650,236 21,678,607 28,371 0.13%
premiumoutlets 6,570,589 6,598,676 28,087 0.43%
hilton 20,321,193 20,335,258 14,065 0.07%
walmart 18,769,888 18,783,494 13,606 0.07%
McDonalds 29,417,671 29,430,446 12,775 0.04%
McDonaldsUS 29,417,671 29,430,446 12,775 0.04%
IHOP 5,427,626 5,439,944 12,318 0.23%
planetfitness 10,189,821 10,201,929 12,108 0.12%
Starbucks 35,565,928




In terms of raw posts, Regal Cinemas ($LON:CINE) and Cinemark ($CNK) theaters saw the biggest change in foot traffic on Black Friday. With many workers taking the day off after Thanksgiving, they apparently had time to take their kids to see Coco, the Disney ($DIS) movie that dropped the day before Thanksgiving, or other big fall releases Wonder and Justice League.

Outside of movie theaters, the Simon Premium Outlets ($SPG) saw over 28,000 people check-in to Facebook while shopping, and had the biggest percentage change in foot traffic among the top-ten businesses. At a place where deep discounts only get deeper on Black Friday, consumers flock to the outlets alongside traditional retailers.

We'll check-in (no pun intended) with this year's results during Cyber Monday.

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