Ulta Beauty ($ULTA) may have been trading down after its earnings, but since it released Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics ($PRIVATE:KYLIECOSMETICS) into stores and online during the holidays last year, it's traded up from around $240 at the beginning of 2019 to over $310 a share.

And according to Ulta product data, an increased rollout may lead the company into even better earnings.

The make-up brand powered by the Keeping up with the Kardashians star brought more of her lip kits, sticks, and gloss to Ulta in mid-March, and a few days after it was stocked online, Ulta's stock jumped over $20 a share during the week of March 14.

Ulta's first quarter earnings beat with $3.08 EPS, and met expectations with a same stores sales increase of 7%. The catalyst for that? Kylie Cosmetics getting people in the door, as many outlets predicted when she first came into Ulta. Forbes reported after the fact that Kylie Cosmetics sold $54.5 million worth of products in Ulta in the first six weeks of availability, which lines up with the same stores sales increases and earnings beat.

Kylie isn't just focused on putting products in Ulta, however; she has developed a new skin care line and recently filed a trademark application to launch hair care products. This would put the diversity of her products in line with the biggest beauty conglomerates of the world — the Estée Lauders ($EL) and L'Oréals ($EPA:OR) of the world — all while putting those at a competitive price point.

Kylie Cosmetics stands out among the rest at Ulta. (See the end of the article for full data). (Credit: Emma McCann).

Should Kylie Cosmetics move her skin care — and possibly hair care, if the trademark application leads to something substantial — into Ulta stores, there may be a further positive impact on Ulta's bottom line. The Instagram icon proved that she can get girls and women through the door at Ulta's 1,245 stores across the country with her lip kits alone, so an expansion of her wares here could lead for an even bigger increase in traffic for the beauty store giant.

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