Just last summer, Tinder was the second-most popular app in use according to Facebook login data. It is still the world's most-popular dating app, but usage data trends are going in the wrong direction for the app. This comes despite the fact that we are quickly approaching Valentine's Day when millions of singles ponder their romantic situations.

As of this week, Tinder sits at #13 in the top-used apps via Facebook login. While that still places it among the world's most popular apps, its slump from the top-10 is significant.

Usage data aside, it does appear as though singles are growing tired of the Tinder formula. Listicles about the best "Tinder alternatives" have grown popular of late. Bumble is described as the "classy version of Tinder". Facebook promises to launch a dating service. People are, in short, tired of swiping.

This isn't an isolated trend, either. Bumble, while consistently less-popular than Tinder, has seen a slight usage lift during the same period.

Tinder may be hoping for an uptick in usage this week as we approach Valentine's Day. In 2015, the company gloated that Valentine's day that year was the best day ever for the app. But last year in 2018, usage numbers remained flat — even down — on Valentine's day.

While it would be impossible to connect Tinder's decline to Bumble's rise or even to Valentine's day apathy, one thing remains clear: Tinder usage is on the decline, at least for those who use Facebook login.

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