On Sunday, approximately 100 million people — one-third of the American populace — will watch the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers in the 54th Super Bowl. But the Super Bowl isn't just TV's most-viewed event — Miami, where the game will be played expects more than 150,000 out-of-state visitors who will book hotel rooms, eat at local restaurants, and spend an estimated $6,000 each at a minimum. 

And while hotels, Airbnbs, and restaurants are the more obvious business that will benefit from this flood of activity, others, including gas stations, donut shops, and even vape shops will see a serious business spike this weekend.

So we mapped them out, or, at least 50,000 of them. Here's what we're seeing, warts and all.

The big game will be played at Hard Rock ($PRIVATE:HARDROCK) Stadium in Miami Gardens at 347 Don Shula Drive. It sits 18 miles north of Miami Beach, or 54 minutes by car depending on traffic.

The parking lot has room for 26,718 cars, and its football capacity is 64,767. Each car costs $30 to park, and each Super Bowl ticket averages about $7,000 each.

In the Miami Gardens area itself where Hard Rock stadium sits just south of the Royal Galdes Canal, businesses cluster around major routes, including Florida's Turnpike to the east and NW 27th Ave to the west.

A Walmart Supercenter ($WMT) sits just a block south that's certain to get some serious tailgate business. A Dunkin' ($DNKN) on NW 199th St is likely to sell out of dozen boxes. Meanwhile, a vape shop called MarkTen e-vapor is likely to sell plenty of Juul ($PRIVATE:JUUL) and vape pods to fans. Another Dunkin' to the west of NW 27th will likely lap up the remainder of the breakfast run. 

Along NW27th is also a Game Stop ($GME), Dollar Tree ($DLTR), an O'Reilly Auto Parts ($ORLY), and even an ALDI ($PRIVATE:PRIV_ALDI) supermarket which is likely to also get in on the tailgate snack and beer runs.

None of these businesses are new to throngs of football fans, of course: the Miami Dolphins play at Hard Rock Stadium several times a year. But this is the Super Bowl, and 150,000 people are landing in Miami with clear eyes, full hearts, and open wallets right now.

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