McDonald's Corporation ($MCD) is about as American as a company can get. It ticks all the boxes: built by hard work, innovation, and a little bit of skullduggery, it is unassuming in its appeal, priced right, and, super-sized. Love it or hate it, McDonald’s has become an American economic icon and, if you make a left turn at the next light, you’ll probably run into one.

So as you think about what’s for lunch, take a look at the map above, which includes the roughly 14,000 McDonald’s US locations. For background, we included income data from the 2016 census where you can see clusters of both urban and income centers.

As for which cities have the most McDonald’s, Houston, TX comes in first with 141. A somewhat distant second place goes to Chicago with 110.

Here are the top-10 cities in terms of number of McDonald’s stores and a map so you can find your own city. Enjoy lunch.

1. Houston 141
2. Chicago 110
3. San Antonio 83
4. Las Vegas 79
5. Los Angeles 68
6. Dallas 67
7. Jacksonville 62
8. Columbus 62
9. Phoenix 62
10. Miami 61

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