What do we call Super Bowl LII, in which the hyper-patriotic New England Patriots face off against America's national bird, the Philadelphia Eagles? Do we call it the Revolution Bowl - both cities were hotbeds of the American Revolutionary war in 1776. Or the Make America Great Bowl? Vegas oddsmakers are calling it for the Patriots, by 4.5. But we're a data site, so we thought we'd take a look at the two teams prospects as viewed through their social media presence.

The Patriots are a dynasty at this point, and that's reflected in their Twitter followers, which rose over the season from 3.46 million on July 31st to 4.13 million on January 29th.

Patriots TwitterAnd no droppoff here: those are all real followers, (probably) no bots.

What about the Eagles? Are they soaring? Not as much. On July 31st they were way behind, at 2.11 million, and as of today, they're way up: but just to 2.96. Still playing catchup.

eagles twitterHow about Facebook likes? The Eagles had 3.01 million on September 1 (nothing to sneeze at) and had bumped that up bigly by January 29th to 3.12 million. 

And the Patriots? 7.06 million. Boom!

Instagram? Eagles have 1.2 million followers, vs the Pat's 2.9 million.

Pinterest? The Patriots have a measely 30k followers vs the Eagles... um... the Eagles don't even HAVE a Pinterest page.

By the social media numbers, I'd say it's New England's to lose. 

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