Elon Musk's private space launch company SpaceX ($PRIVATE:SPACEX) won't be public for long. That is, at least for its Starlink broadband satellite constellation division. The company announced this week that it would be spinning the division off into a public offering.

Meanwhile, the company is now hiring for more open positions than ever: as of February 4, 2020, it lists 535 openings on its recruiting websites. This comes just two weeks ago when we previously reported that... SpaceX was hiring for the most people ever.

At this time just a year ago, SpaceX had just 147 openings listed online - that's a 263% increase. This comes just as the company announced it would spin out its Starlink satellite broadband constellation operation into a public offering. Just last month, SpaceX announced that it would lay off 10% of its workforce in order to help finance its Starship and Starlink projects.

At this time just a year ago, SpaceX had just 147 opening listed online - that's a 263% increase.

Openings for Starlink have also accelerated in the past year.

Last year, hiring for positions with the term "Starlink" in their titles as in the single digits. As of this week, SpaceX is hiring for at least 52 openings with that term square in the middle of their proposed job titles.

Starlink is a low-orbit satellite that will blanket Earth's surface with broadband internet. It was created as a way to generate revenue for SpaceX as it develops rockets. Its public spinoff appears to be in line with its role for the business but, in this case, looks poised to create a lot of wealth for its investors.

Hiring at SpaceX remains focused on Production and Vehicle Engineering, especially in recent quarters.

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