If there’s two things Seth Rogen loves, it’s ceramics and weed. On Monday, the Canadian-American actor announced the U.S. launch of his new weed company Houseplant on Twitter, saying he’d spent the last 10 years developing the company and brand. Within 20 minutes, the tweet had over 20,000 likes.

“If you know anything about me at all, I’m gonna assume it’s that I really love weed,” Rogen said in a video on Twitter. “But what you probably don’t know about me is that I’ve been working on my own weed company for the last 10 years, and we are finally ready to launch in America. What we’re doing is we’re bringing you the best strains of weed that have been hand-picked — and by that I mean hand-smoked — by me.”

The company, which is based in Toronto, was co-founded by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. It is being formed in partnership with Ontario-based Canopy Growth Corp., according to a 2019 report from Leafly. According to Leafly Canopy Growth Corp. owns 25% of the business and provided capital, facilities, and infrastructure to Houseplant. Houseplant's first strain, Houseplant Sativa, has been available for purchase in Canada since 2019 on several online cannabis storefronts such as Lift&Co and Cannabisnl. 

Cannabis companies on the whole have been on the rise over the last few years, and especially so during the pandemic when the industry experienced a hiring boom. Rogen's announcement marks the first major celebrity venture into a cannabis company, a move that mimics what's happened in the alcohol industry where people like Ryan Reynolds and George Clooney both their sold alcohol brands Aviation Gin and Casamigos for $610 million and $1 billion respectively. Canopy’s stock was up nearly 2% this morning after the announcement. 

Houseplant appears to be more than a simple cannabis company and more of a household or lifestyle brand. Rogen showed off several products sold by the company, including cannabis that arrive in orange and pink tins depending on the strain, but also emphasized that the company is “making beautiful house goods for people who smoke weed.” In the Twitter video, Rogen displayed a ceramic table lighter with a lid that doubles as an ashtray. Rogen also announced that each strain has a corresponding playlist being sold on vinyl records, and that each strain is named after a weather event as a reference to his film Pineapple Express.

Houseplant’s website was down late this morning after Rogen’s announcement, but the video also provided a glimpse at the company’s branding, which leans heavily into bright color blocking. Rogen first teased the company in March 2019 via Instagram by showing off a matchbox, and the company’s Instagram page shows off its logo. Rogen appears on camera with a bright blue in front of him that reads “HOUSEPLANT BLOCK TABLE LIGHTER” in bright green letters. The lighter itself is white with a hole cut through it with a bright orange rim. 

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