Nestle ($VTX:NESN) is infusing a $115 million investment into Bloomfield, Missouri, the site of its Purina pet food and litter factory. The investment also comes with 30 new jobs in the community.

However, this comes while overall job openings at Nestle are at its lowest levels in nearly two and a half years.

Due to layoffs in 2018 as part of a restructuring plan, hiring at Nestle dropped off by more than 20% before the new year. As of February 20, the number of job openings for Nestle's international factories is at 540 individual postings, a decrease of 9.39% since October, but an increase of 18% since New Year's Day.

Overall, hiring has been down when looking at the overall trendlines, but in looking at individual locations, this drop in hiring isn't coming from its European home base nor in other North American countries. As expected, most of Nestle's job openings are in its home country of Switzerland.

Location Text Number of Jobs
Switzerland-VD-Lausanne 58
Ukraine-Lvovskaya obl.-Lvov 53
Switzerland-VD-Vevey 30
Canada-Québec-Montréal 29
China 28
China-Beijing-Beijing 20
Italy-Lombardia-Milano 16
Ukraine-Kievskaya obl.-Kiev 15
Panama 14
Malaysia-Selangor-Petaling Jaya 13
Switzerland 13
Thailand 13

Interestingly enough, job openings in Lausanne, the city that housed Nespresso's old headquarters, are at a much higher rate than openings in Nestle's HQ city of Vevey. That's been the case since we started tracking this data in late 2017, where there were 7 more openings in Lausanne than in Vevey. As of February 24, there were 28 more openings in Lausanne.

Meanwhile, the number of job openings in Canada have increased significantly since New Year's Day, especially at its Montreal headquarters.

Although its restructuring plans leave Nestle's job situation in limbo, it seems that hiring in North America and in Switzerland is on the rise.

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