They killed him! They butchered my boy! Mr. Peanut dead, and he's never coming back! And it's working for the brand: Mr. Peanut's death has resulted in a massive Twitter following gain of 24,000, or 45%, for the @MrPeanut Twitter account.

The people here at Thinknum are inconsolable, we'll never be the same without our peanut mascot. Mr. Peanut was an American icon, a national treasure. And while he may have been a monocled peanut-man (was he a man?) with an estimated age of over 100, he brought joy and laughter to our lives. They said "eat the rich", but not like this. Not like this.

Mr. Peanut's death will not be in vain, we can assure you of that. His funeral during the third quarter of the Super Bowl will surely feature such compatriots as the Jolly Green Giant, Colonel Sanders, Uncle Ben, Mrs. Buttersworth, Toucan Sam, the Trix rabbit, Count Chocula, Tony the Tiger, Chester the Cheetah, the Kibbler Elves, the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, and the Cheerios Bee. 

Mr. Peanut's death has resulted in a massive Twitter following gain of 24,000, or 45%, for the @MrPeanut Twitter account.

The outpouring of love for the fallen brand had a huge spike on the day of the announcement. The people of this great nation didn't follow Planters, or Kraft Heinz ($KHC), but Mr. Peanut specifically. A 45% jump in followers in one day is phenomenal for this marketing campaign. Kraft Heinz should be happy that public mourning led to more user engagement. Mr. Peanut's marketing and advertising agency, Vayner Media ($PRIVATE:VAYNERMEDIA), will likely be clinking champagne glasses over the mascot's death this weekend as well.

Speaking of Vayner Media and the upcoming Super Bowl commercial, this stunt may just be that: a stunt. But this could also be the end of Mr. Peanut. Either way, the brand and its agency have a lot of new Twitter followers at their disposal.

Famous philosopher and poet laureate Biggie Smalls once said: "you're nobody ’till someone kills you.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

RIP Mr. Peanut 1916-2020

You were so young.

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