There's an old saying about driving your car into Manhattan: don't.

In all fairness, some commuters in the NYC metro area drive their way into work after getting burned out (or completely burned one too many times) by public transportation. Others who live in the city need somewhere to store their weekend getaway vehicle, and are ready to pay hundreds of dollars to have their prime living arrangement in Manhattan and keep their car too.

For that reason, some commuters turn to Spothero ($PRIVATE:SPOTHERO). Founded in 2011, Spothero is a newcomer in the parking valet space, having parking lots and garages in over 50 U.S. cities. Like traditional parking garages, Spothero customers can have monthly parking passes, and Thinknum was able to track over 250 of such locations for how much each monthly parking spot costs.

Location City  Price (Average) 
385 W 15th St. - Valet (111 8th Ave Garage) New York  $1,000.00
99 Jane St. - Valet Garage New York  $1,000.00
150 Charles St. - Valet Garage New York  $950.00
260 W 87th St. - Valet (2361-2379 Broadway Garage) New York  $867.65
21 Barclay St. - Valet Garage New York  $851.47
274 W 81st St. - Valet (424 West End Ave Garage) New York  $840.44
92 Laight St. - Valet (416 Washington St Garage) New York  $800.00
308-332 Greenwich St. - Valet Garage New York  $800.00
30 Ericsson Pl. - Valet New York  $715.00
180 E 78th St. (188 E 78th St.) - Valet New York  $711.00

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive Spothero lots for a regular parking pass are in some of the swankiest Manhattan neighborhoods. 385 W. 15th Street is in south Chelsea, while 99 Jane St. and 150 Charles St. are both right in West Village. In fact, every spot in the top-10 is either on the Upper East Side or in expensive downtown neighborhoods.

Location City  Price (Average) 
197 Berry St. - Valet Brooklyn  $209.14
184 Kent Ave. - Valet Brooklyn  $214.50
350 W 50th St. - Valet Garage New York  $275.00
360 Furman St. - Valet Brooklyn  $275.00
281 W 53rd St. - Valet (900 8th Ave Garage) New York  $279.05
29 Caton Pl. - Valet Brooklyn  $279.78
680 W 185th St. - Valet (4320 Broadway Garage) New York  $286.18
23-10 41st Ave. - Valet Long Island City  $292.00
671 W 184th St. - Valet (4320 Broadway Garage) New York  $294.93
673 Saint Nicholas Ave. - Valet Garage New York  $295.21

On the opposite end of the parking spectrum, one could park their car in Williamsburg for about $210 a month, nearly five times less than what it would cost to put their car in the East Village for the month.

Eighth on this list of least expensive Spothero lots is a $292 a month parking spot on 41st Ave. near Queensboro Plaza in Long Island City, the neighborhood that will soon house half of Amazon's ($AMZN) HQ2. Another Long Island City parking lot at 23-02 42nd Rd. is on the outside looking into the top-ten with an average monthly parking pass price of $298.

As Amazon is already hiring for its new LIC offices, it may not be a surprise if the average cost of a parking spot in LIC skyrockets alongside average rent over the next few years.

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