As investigations into safety issues surrounding Boeing's ($BA) 737 MAX continue, the aerospace giant is scaling back listing new positions. Total job openings at the company were down to 998 from a high of 2,160 in February 2019. That's a decrease of 54% in just three months.

This massive decrease coincides with the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash that killed 149 passengers and 8 crew members. Since then, Boeing has been wrapped up in FAA investigations, lawsuits, and public relations scrambles.

While nearly 1,000 positions remain open at Boeing, postings for new positions have virtually vanished. On May 20, 2019, Boeing posted just five new job openings.

It's unclear if hiring for already open positions remains healthy at Boeing. A 30-day recruitment analysis indicates that job postings are disappearing from the Boeing careers site at a normal pace.

LinkedIn ($MSFT) data over time appears to corroborate the recruitment analysis. People listing Boeing as an employer on the site continues to increase with no signs of slowdown.

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