Last week, Apple ($AAPL) announced that revenue would be lower than projected as the coronavirus outbreak impairs iPhone supply and retail activity in China. And while the company's iPhone manufacturing sites have reopened, Apple said they're “ramping up more slowly than we had anticipated.”

The coronavirus has been affecting business across companies that rely on Chinese factories and laborers. But, despite Apple’s revised forecast and coronavirus’ projected impact on supply chain, hiring patterns have remained largely unchanged for the company and its major tech counterparts, in a quiet sign that tech companies remain optimistic on long-term supply-chain affects.

Job postings in Japan, China, Korea, and America have gone up over the past few months for Amazon ($AMZN) and Apple. Amazon job openings are up 28% in China, while Apple’s have increased by 25% in Japan.

Google ($GOOG), on the other hand, has been opened frewer positings in those four countries since December, white listings in India have increased. Job listings in India have also increased for Facebook ($FB) and Amazon. 

Netflix ($NFLX) job postings are down in India and America, where openings have decreased 18% and 21% respectively.

That said, hiring for Netflix has been steadily rising in Mexico and creeping up in Japan.

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