If you're getting fired, you might as well get drunk and ask for a job live on the air, right?

That was exactly how HQ Trivia ($PRIVATE:HQTRIVIA) ended its final broadcast, tipsy and shortlived, as all apps should go out. The company spent three years handing out money to people for answering 12 questions correctly in a row, gave birth to some great memes, and one hell of a host in Scott Rogowsky. But with all the drama behind the scenes, tragic and horrifying stories engulfing the narrative, and some mismanagement, HQ's time had come.

You can see the exact moment where it went on life support (early September 2018 had the most fanfare), and when the plug got pulled (this week). The HQ Twitter handle still has a lot of people following it, but we imagine the news will make that number plummet since there's no reason to follow an account that is dead. Sorry for being morbid but it's true. Life is for the living, and so is Twitter.

September 2018 is the same time people stopped rating the app on the Apple App Store, so you can clearly see there was a cap on the number of people interested in a live trivia game. 

And to cap this entire story off, the founder of HQ said the app isn't dead and would find a new investor. Even though no new deal was reached. They ran out of money and declared they were back. Incredible stuff, you can't make this up.

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