Superhuman, the startup offering a buzzy invite-only email app, is about to get dethroned by a new hero. 

Last June, Basecamp launched its own premium email service, Hey. For $12 a month, or $99 per year, invitees gain access to a number of features, including an email screener, spy blocker, thread merger, and more, all on one integrative platform. The Superhuman email service, which launched in 2016, promises exceptional speed, an “undo send” option, and social media insights, among other features, for a monthly $30 fee.

Hey recently launched its business-focused Hey For Work. It’s currently invite-only, but will make its public launch some time in Q1. Basecamp Founder & CEO at Jason Fried sent out a fresh batch of invites today, aiming to reach 1,000 new users. According to our data, Hey’s reach stretches even further than planned.

The Apple App Store ratings count for Hey is currently at 3,290, surging almost 200% since October. Superhuman’s count sits at 274 ratings, up just 5% from October. As of today, Hey's ratings soar 1,000% over Superhuman's count.

Back in June, upon Hey's initial launch, the Verge praised the email service's organizational capabilities and intuitive design. A week later, they published a review titled, 'Superhuman’s email app is overhyped and overpriced.'

Superhuman’s website dubs its service “the fastest email experience ever made," but it might have to expand its offerings if it wants to compete with Hey’s rapid growth.

About the Data:

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