Humanity is diverse - we have different interests, careers, live in different places, and enjoy vastly different lifestyles.

There are 7.6 billion of us.

2.2 billion of us use Facebook at least once a month, according to Statista. That's 29% of us.

In the United States, Facebook claims 207 million users. That's a whopping 64% of its 323 million citizens.

And these numbers are growing.

As for what people are doing with Facebook when they're not liking photos or arguing about the best bagels in America (they're in Brooklyn), we have that information.

We track Facebook daily app users - the apps people are logging into via Facebook. For this story, we pulled average Daily Active users for the past year and then grouped by the App's name. The results - some more surprising than others - tell us a lot about who we are and what we spend our time doing when we have a spare moment. Thinknum subscribers can see the dataset here.

Rakuten Viber new 2017 logo.png

10. Viber: 1 million daily users

What it is: Viber, operated by Japanese digital giant Rakuten, is a free-calling voice-over-IP and messaging application. It claimed 1 million daily active users for the past year.

Why it's popular: People like free stuff. People like talking to one another. People like talking to one another across the world for free.

The YouTube logo is made of a red round-rectangular box with a white "play" button inside and the word "YouTube" written in black.

9. YouTube: 1.93 million daily users

What it is: America's largest video-sharing site saw an average of 1.93 million daily active users logging in via Facebook in the past year. That's a ton of users, especially when one considers that most people are logging into YouTube via e-mail or Google (especially now that Google owns YouTube).

Why it's popular: People - especially young people - are turning to YouTube instead of television, with its short-form, on-demand content, upstart internet personalities, and general wild-west lack of regulation, all adding up to some sometimes groundbreaking (and othertimes confounding) content. 

King logo 2013.png

8. Farm Heroes Saga: 4.95 million daily users

What it is: Rancid the Racoon is trying to spoil the precious Farm Lands, stealing as many Cropsies as he can along the way. If that didn't make any sense to you, worry not: it means nothing. That said, 4.95 million people are logging into this game via Facebook every single day.

Why it's popular: Like Candy Crush, Farm Heroes Saga is an addictive puzzler that ropes players into buying into game-enhancing micropayments. We're guessing it's doing well because, like Candy Crush and other games like it, it forces wait periods as ways to get players to buy in. It appears that rather than buying in, players are simply switching to clone games in the meantime.

Antu soundcloud.svg

7. SoundCloud: 5 million daily users

What it is: SoundCloud is used by musicians to share and promote their music, and based on the data, 5 million people are checking in to the service via Facebook daily. The company has seen its ups and downs, from an almost partnership with Twitter in 2013, a near buyout by Spotify in 2016, and massive layoffs in July 2017.

Why it's popular: People love music, especially music they've never heard. It's clear there's a need to discover new music, and SoundCloud is a great palce to do so, especially if you're into the more esoteric stuff that doesn't show up on Spotify and Apple Music.

Candy Crush logo.png

6. Candy Crush Soda Saga: 5 million daily users

What it is: Another addictive game that has 5 million Facebook users swiping for glossy combos on their smartphone as they ignore those around them trying to get off the subway.

Why it's popular: When you don't want to read, talk to other humans, or you just want to put your brain into defrag mode, Candy Crush is a mind-numbing option.

APP ICON FOR WIKI Transparent Background.png

5. Badoo: 5 million daily users

What it is: Badoo is a dating app that, like Tinder, allows you to quickly log in and find local people to chat with, meet up, and be fruitful. About 5 million singles are dropping in daily via Facebook.

Why it's popular: Badoo was one of the first apps to use Facebook as a viral audience building tool, creating popular social games and quizzes, to the point that it was ranked 7th in Facebook apps by 2012. It got so big that it was asked to change its approach. Apparently, it's still growing.

Pinterest Logo.svg

4. Pinterest: 7.1 million daily users

What it is: The pioneer of discovering stuff on the internet via tiled pictures, Pinterest continues to be a very popular social network with 7.1 million users via Facebook login.

Why it's popular: This self-described "catalogue of ideas" is a great source of ideas for those who are looking to be inspired, be it for fashion, makeup, art, food - just about anything. It's no wonder people turn to it when looking for something to do.

Spotify Logo

3. Spotify: 10 million daily users

What it is: Created by startup Spotify AB in Stockhome, Sweden in 2008, Spotify has gone on to be one othe world's most popular music consumption platforms. Based on our data, Spotify gets over 10 million users logging into the service every single day via Facebook.

Why it's popular: Anyone can jump on Spotify to listen to music for free if they don't mind hearing the occasional advertisement. People love music. People love free things. Think of it as the digital era's FM radio. They're not the only player in the space, but as far as Facebook logins are concerned, they're the biggest.

Candy Crush logo.png

2. Candy Crush Saga: 10 million daily users

What it is: 10 million addicted players log into Candy Crush Saga every day in order to play with shiny candylike objects on their smartphones.

Why it's popular: For those who get it, it's a great time waster. For those who don't, it's a menace. Either way, it's huge.


1. Tinder: 10+ million daily users

What it is: The original swipe-based singles club, Tinder continues to rage in popularity, especially when it comes to those who log in via Facebook. Claiming over 10 million daily active users, it's been the number-one Facebook login app for the past year.

Why it's popular: People are lonely. People want to meet other people. This app fills the most basic human need there is outside of coffee and pictures of cats.

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