Goldman Sachs ($GS) kicked off its 150th birthday in strong fashion, as its new CEO David Solomon reported a fourth-quarter profit that exceeded expectations by $1.59 per share.

All the while, the company has maintained a steady hiring pattern since we last profiled it in September, which was just before Solomon's official appointment to CEO in October.

Here's a look at who — and where — the company is hiring for its 150th year in business:

Developers, developers, developers

Unsurprisingly, the multinational investment bank primarly looks for engineers to keep its platforms — from its institutional client services to its Marcus direct bank —up and running. A cross-section of hiring data from January 16 shows about half of job listings for the company are for Engineering positions.

Category Number of Job Listings
Engineering 741
Securities 171
Investment Management Division 156
Operations 50
Consumer and Commercial Banking Division 50
Legal and Internal Audit 49
Finance 47
Compliance 32
Risk 27
Investment Banking Division 21
Global Investment Research 20
Human Capital Management 20
Realty Management Division 18
Executive Office 7
Merchant Banking Division 6
Services 5

Within the Engineering category, one programming language sticks out: java. As we reported previously, the company leans heavily on Java, having openings for about 80 of its 741 positions — over 10% — that explicetly state "Java" in the title. It is also the only programming language to appear among the most common words in Goldman Sachs Engineering jobs.

In terms of specific positions, Goldman is looking for

Title Number of Positions
Marquee Engineering - Software Engineer 7
Equities Technology - PIPG Technology -  Software Developer 6
Operations Engineering - Digitization - Java Developer 6
Consumer Banking Technology - Application Development - Full Stack Developer 4
Engineering - ETO and Vendor Management - DCPG - Windows Specialist (ETO - Platform Services) 4
Consumer Banking Technology - DevOps - Automation & Systems Engineer 3
Digital Experience - Workflow Engineering - Digitization Engineer - Java 3
Engineering - ETO and Vendor Management - DCPG - Systems Support (ETO - Platform Services) 3
HCM, CA, Svcs Technology - Java Developer 3
Consumer Banking Technology - Application Development - Back-End Developer 3
Operations Engineering - Client Onboarding Tech - Java Developer 3
Consumer Banking Technology - Trust and Tech Risk - Information Security Officer 3
Front Office Trading Developer - EQT EMEA - Equities Technology 3
Consumer Banking Technology - UK Consumer Deposits Technology - CCBD Tech, Application Development, Front-End Developer 3
CCBD Tech, DevOps, Automation & Systems Engineer - Associate - BENGALURU 3
Consumer Banking Technology - CCBD Tech Integrated Solutions - CCBD Tech, Trust and Tech Risk, Surveillance Analytics Engineer 3

But when it comes to the rank of employees it is looking for, Goldman likes to bring in "associates," young recent grads who theoretically grow with the company. 99 Engineering jobs contain the word "associate" (13.36% of all Engineering jobs), and across all fields, there are 413 job listings (29.08% of all listings) containing the word "associate" at Goldman Sachs.

This seems to be a trend followed by other banks, such as Citi, that we've profiled in the past.

Location, location, location

Compared to three months ago, there are slightly more jobs in the United States and India, and one less job opening in Great Britain (for now), Japan, and France.

With recent Brexit news putting the United Kingdom into further uncertainty, a continued decrease in jobs for a multinational bank such as Goldman Sachs would indicate an even more troubling exit (or non-exit?) from the EU.

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