Mary T. Barra likely has a case of the Mondays. That's because the General Motors ($GM) CEO has a massive strike on her hands as 48,000 hourly workers walked out at 31 GM factories and 21 other plants across nine states. It's the largest strike since 2007 (which also happened at GM).

Strikes are typically breaking points at which workers' demands aren't being met. And while GM management say they have made an offer that includes better compensation and promises of new jobs, workplace review ratings for GM via Indeed show that employees have been down on GM for at least the past year across virtually all metrics.

The strike isn't a good look for Barra, who, as pointed out by presidential candidate Julián Castro, made close to $22 million last year while thousands of workers are asking for a bit more money to just pay their bills on time.

A cumulative average run for GM employee sentiment about Senior Management has seen a steady drop over the past year and into late 2018, as workers took to Indeed to vent their frustrations with the company's leadership. The drop coincides with massive layoffs last fall, when the company offered buyouts to 18,000 of 50,000 employees at several plants.

At the core of the demands by UAW workers is their compensation, witth the UAW saying that there were still "significant differences between the parties on wages, health care benefits, temporary employees, job security and profit sharing". While reviews for compensation & benefits were on the rise in early 2019, they have dropped precipitously since the summer as grumblings accelerated and the company seemindly made it clear that it was not protecting union workers. As of this month, ratings for Compensation & Benefits at Indeed for GM are at their lowest average levels.

GM employees are also taking to Indeed to vent their displeasure with the company's Culture and Values, which has also dipped to its lowest levels after years of steadiness.

GM hasn't seen a downtick in worker more via workplace reviews like this for years, even decades. A wider look at GM's Overall ranking at Indeed shows a steady downturn beginning in mid 2017 to historical lows.

Unionize your workplace, everyone. Protect them at all costs.

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