Fair Issac Corporation ($FICO) — or, as consumers know them, the company behind the FICO credit score — reduced job openings by more than two-thirds over the past two months, including an absolute freefall over the past week that saw over 100 listings removed since the Fourth of July.

The company's careers page is still the same as it was when we first started tracking this data on May 19, 2017, so it appears to not be a matter of the company shifting its job openings elsewhere. Rather, this is a company slowly and silently — until this past week, that is — cutting its job openings back down to levels last seen in the Spring of 2017.

There does not appear to be a pattern of shrinking job openings in one sector, nor a cessation of positions at its top offices around the world.

The majority of the hiring reduction appears to affect the company's offices in India, where it employs back-end engineers, analytical consultants, among others.

This is happening as other companies, such as Lendbuzz, are trying to re-define consumer credit scores. The startup recently raised a $150 million funding round — the majority of that was cash as debt financing — and offers those with no traditional credit history through a FICO score the opportunity to get auto loans.

When the company last released its earnings on April 30, it missed Earnings per Share estimates by $0.07. As the company prepares to announce its Q2 earnings on July 25, this dip in overall openings might be something to keep in mind.

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