Facebook ($FB) is the largest social media networks in the world, boasting 2.23 billion monthly active users. If every user were a person — which isn't true, given that Facebook is still cracking down on people making fake accounts — that would mean nearly 3/10ths of the world has a Facebook account, when considering the U.S. Census estimates the current world population at 7.52 billion people.

Besides posting status updates and connecting with "Friends," one major Facebook feature is Pages, a place where businesses, brands, causes and organizations can have a public facing profile to post updates and advertisements. In 2016, Facebook reported that businesses had 60 million Pages on its website, with 38 Pages garnering over 50 million Likes since we started tracking data.

While the data set shows several country-specific pages — Facebook New Zealand and Facebook India, for example — Facebook has now localized business pages to fit the country the user is in.

For example, U.S. users will be redirected to Facebook's U.S. page even if they click the following link to Facebook New Zealand's page: https://www.facebook.com/facebookNZ/ 

When considering that, only 28 brands have reached the elusive 50 million Page Like club. Here are the top-ten brands ranked by their all-time Likes.

Username Likes (All-Time Max)
facebook 21,2839,330
Samsung 158,254,914
Cristiano 122,910,413
RealMadrid 108,788,579
Coca-Cola 107,607,577
fcbarcelona 103,622,392
buzzfeedtasty 94,056,174
leomessi 90,163,351
youtube 83,878,678
rihanna 81,823,021

Yes, Facebook is the most-liked page on Facebook, although not even a tenth of its active monthly users officially "Like" it.

Coming in second is Samsung, the multinational conglomerate that has affiliates pages for, among other things, consumer electronics, shipbuilding, construction and life insurance. Then comes two big brands in football (or soccer, for those American readers): Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid.

As a testament to the Portuguese superstar's brand, Cristiano's Facebook page has over 10 million likes than his old La Liga team. Furthermore, his old rival, Lionel Messi, has over 30 million less Likes than him.

The only two publicly traded companies with over 80 million likes on Facebook outside of the social media network itself is Coca-Cola ($NYSE: KO) and YouTube, which is technically under the umbrella of Google ($NASDAQ: GOOGL).

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