Every shopper has a strategy: buy last year's fashions and save, buy this year's fashions and look good. Then there are the second-level shoppers who know when their favorite stores cycle through inventory and let things go at deep discounts.

Beloved department store Nordstrom ($JWN) is no stranger to the cyclical discount, but tracking its course and buying at the right time can be tricky. However, by looking at the past 16 months of discount activity at the store, we can safely tell you that by around June you'll be able to get those jeans you've been coveting for a lot less than you can right now.

Here's a look at how Nordstrom discounts throughout the months for both Women and Men's categories:

As you see, Nordstrom follows a pretty regular cycle, which should be coming around again in June. Last year, discounts averaged as much as 46% for men and 42% for women. Discounts in the men's division linger a bit longer as the store clears out inventory (whoever said men are slow was right... in this case).

Of course, none of this is guaranteed, and we're simply showing you the trends. For instance, Nordstrom didn't go as deep on January discounts in 2018 as it did in previous years. However, it did cycle through inventory discounts for men:

If it's any consolation, current April, 2018 discount activity appears almost spot-on with those of 2017, so things are looking good for some good deals at Nordstrom in June. Also, keep in mind that Nordstrom is opening its first store in Manhattan, but - again some bad luck for women - it's a men's store.

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