($CARS) offers millions of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles each day on its website. It made $168.5 million in revenue during the second quarter of 2018 thanks to, among other things,19 million monthly unique visitors browsing its inventory. It also handed out an average of $2,064 in revenue to car sellers on its website.

This all makes one of the largest online auto dealers in the world alongside Carmax ($KMX). inventory by the numbers

On September 13, there were 3,882,344 trackable individual car listings on the website. The most common make of car on that date is Chevrolet ($GM), with 620,750 new, used and certified pre-owned cars listed. Ford ($F) took second with 494,867 listings followed by Toyota ($TM) with 310,640 purchasable vehicles.

Make Make (Count)
Chevrolet 620,750
Ford 494,867
Toyota 310,640
Nissan 248,416
Jeep 238,240
Honda 233,375
GMC 203,622
RAM 138,799
Hyundai 136,552
Dodge 114,672
Kia 110,792
BMW 100,877
Buick 97,631
Mercedes-Benz 90,606
Volkswagen 82,441

Although the sheer breadth of inventory sold on is impressive, we also know that every vehicle has its own story, from being fresh off the factory lot to being used by multiple owners. Some rolled off a flatbed right onto a lot in Springfield, Illinois, while others are ready to be passed along from a father to son in New England. Some owners name their cars, including the very author of this piece (shoutout to Ariel, my Nissan Versa). 

With that said, we dug back into the data to look at all the personalities of this inventory, and while owning a car, by some standards, is priceless, one major characteristic of these vehicles is price. For some vehicles, it might as well be priceless, as the most expensive cars on cost a few million bucks.

Misleading or erroneous listings

When digging into our data for this story, we found a pretty unfortunate trend. For example, when looking at the priciest vehicles, the list is extremely misleading.

Year Make Model Mileage Stock Type Price
2018 Buick Encore 0 New  $18,717,680.00
2008 Nissan Pathfinder 120,769 Used  $9,999,999.00
2014 Toyota Tundra 119,024 Used  $9,999,999.00
2019 Chevrolet Corvette 3 New  $7,395,200.00
2019 Chevrolet Tahoe 3 New  $6,580,700.00
2019 Chevrolet Tahoe 2 New  $6,544,500.00
2018 Chevrolet Express 2500 0 New  $5,979,803.00
2019 GMC Acadia 10 New  $4,890,900.00
2019 GMC Acadia 0 New  $4,836,658.00
2019 Cadillac CTS 0 New  $4,834,541.00

After we were left asking ourselves if we were out of touch with car prices, we did a bit more research and found that the children the listings that were wrong.

Looking at the top listing, a 2018 Buick Encore that is supposedly going for $18,717,680, confirmed that the listing was, in fact, for that price.

However, when a buyer wants to click on the dealer's website to learn more about the car, its MSRP is $26,000 and is being sold for $18,720. We have no clue why a dealer would mistakenly (or intentionally?) list a car for $18 million rather than $18,000, but that just means we have to dig a little further past these red herrings to find our gems.

Only those who dare, buy a Ferrari on

After sifting out the wee cheaters, the data shows that on September 13, Ferrari had the five most expensive cars listed on It also had six out of the ten most expensive vehicles 

Year Make Model Mileage Stock Type Price
2014 Ferrari LaFerrari 1,551 Used  $3,999,000.00
2015 Ferrari LaFerrari 131 Used  $3,950,000.00
2014 Ferrari LaFerrari 62 Used  $3,699,000.00
2014 Ferrari LaFerrari 495 Used  $3,600,000.00
2015 Ferrari LaFerrari 419 Used  $3,488,900.00
2016 Aston Martin Vulcan  0 New  $3,400,000.00
2015 McLaren P1  826 Used  $2,750,000.00
2014 McLaren P1 110 Used  $2,750,000.00
2003 Ferrari Enzo 4,524 Used  $2,700,000.00
2015 McLaren 650S 6 Used  $2,499,999.00

The most expensive vehicle on that day, a 2014 LaFerrari with 1,551 miles on it, was just sold at the time of publishing. However, a 2015 LaFerrari with less than a tenth of the mileage is being sold out in Beverly Hills.

Some other interesting cars in this top-ten are the 2003 Enzo Ferrari, the oldest car on the list, and a limited-run Aston Martin Vulcan, the only new car in the top-ten that also comes as chassis #007. Basically, this makes it the quintessential James Bond car, minus all those gadgets that would definitely make the car illegal to drive.

In terms of a car that's this expensive, but not in this decade, you'd have to take a look at a used 1996 BMW 750IL with 121,043 miles on it.

Wait, is this another red herring? As it turns out, this Beemer is quite the opposite.

Those familiar with rap history will recognize this car as the exact one Tupac Shakur, the Harlem-native, West Coast raised rapper who helped define the 90's-era of rap, rode —and was shot — in after attending the Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas. It's been fully restored, and it can be yours for $1.5 million.

Have a few hundred bucks? The cheapest vehicles on

For those with a bank account with less than a few zeroes to say the least, also provides plenty of affordable vehicles. However, some of them are a bit too affordable; as in less than the price of a new video game console or tickets to the World Series. Here's what the least-expensive cars are on, when sorting out those red herring vehicles.

Year Make Model Mileage Stock Type Price
1996 Chrysler Town & Country 233,398 Used  $300.00
1998 Ford Explorer 212,218 Used  $400.00
1993 Buick Century 177,831 Used  $400.00
1990 Plymouth Acclaim N/A Used  $400.00
1999 Ford Contour N/A Used  $400.00
1999 Chevrolet Cavalier 118,017 Used  $400.00
2001 Chevrolet Malibu 125,000 Used  $400.00
1995 Subaru Legacy 270,352 Used  $400.00
2015 RAM 2500 67,328 Used  $402.00
1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 137,543 Used  $450.00

Yes, it's true; for $300 — plus additional listed and unlisted fees, which includes a $99 dealer document registration fee — you can be the owner of a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country.

While the price is not listed on, further research on the dealer's website does, in fact, list the vehicle for $300. Outside of the whopping 
233,398 miles it has on it, here's what else the dealer had to say within the first few lines.

Runs and drives. Air conditioning does not work. Power steering does not work. We do not have any rear seats, and interior is dirty. Priced to sell as is. 

We're sold.

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