The Boeing 737 MAX remains grounded as the FAA and Boeing ($BA) look to fix what are now determined to be software issues that caused two fatal crashes in the past year.

As the aviation company looks to fix the issue and move forward with other projects, it's launched a new phase of hiring after a stark and near hiring freeze in the shadow of the controversy.

In February, Boeing was hiring for a 2-year high of 2,190 positions. But by June, openings shrank to a 2-year low of just 413. but now that Boeing appears to at least have a path forward it's opened up more headcount steadily, reaching 941 positions as of this week — an increase of 128%.

Of those positions, about 150 are for software-focused professionals. Jobs with the phrase "software" in their titles at Boeing rose from a low of 74 to more than twice that — 151 — this week.

Whether this means that Boeing is hard at work to tackle its software issue or not is unclear, but the hiring suggests that this could be the case. We'll keep an eye on it as usual.

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