Usually, the motto "If you build it, they will come" works when it comes to attracting talent, or, in the case of Kevin Costner, baseball players. But when it comes to engineering talent for the world's biggest — and most competitive — technology companies, sometimes you need to come to the talent.

It appears that a battle for top engineering talent in Seattle is upon us, and it involves three of the tech industry's most powerful giants.

Apple job listings in Seattle are up 155% since January 1, with a particular focus on recruiting engineering talent.

That appears the be the case for Apple ($AAPL), which has been in a hiring spree for engineering talent in Seattle. It's a particularly interesting swell of activity, given the fact that Seattle is home to scores engineering talent at both Amazon ($AMZN) and Microsoft ($MSFT). The positions Apple is hiring for in Seattle points to a plausible desire by Apple to poach some of that talent.

Apple has listed 184 unique job titles since January 1, with "iCloud Software Engineer" being the most-common listing, appearing at least 423 times. "Applied Research Scientist - Machine Learning" was second-most common, with 379 listings.


Openings - all of 2019

iCloud Software Engineer


Applied Research Scientist - Machine Learning


Senior Machine Learning - Research Scientist


GIS Technician


Applied Research Scientist - CVML


Siri - Software Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer


Software Engineer


Siri - Senior Software Engineer, Sports


Software Engineer - AI/ML


In fact, the top-10 most-common job listings for Apple in Seattle were all engineering, machine learning, or technician openings.

As of this week, hiring activity appears to still be on a growth path, with 87 individual job listings recorded in Seattle on October 31, 2019.


Openings (November 5, 2019)

GIS Technician


Siri - Software Engineer


Research Scientist - Computer Vision and Machine Learning


Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Cloud Services


AI/ML - Full Stack Software Engineer


Applied Machine Learning Researcher


Applied Scientist - Sensors - AI/ML


ML Engineer - Siri Knowledge Graph


Siri - Senior Software Development Engineer in Test


iOS Developer - Apple Health


The most common listing this week is for a "GIS Technician" who will work on Apple Maps products, followed by an ongoing need for Siri Software Engineers and Research Scientists with a focus on "Computer Vision and Machine Learning".  

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