Industry reports indicated that Apple ($AAPL) is working on AR glasses, will debut them in 2019, and will heavily feature Apple Maps.

We saw something having to do with this announcement, including that this project would use Maps technology, coming to a head six months ago.

In that report around August, AR Applications jobs started appearing on Apple's careers website. Since then, jobs for AR Applications remained steady up until today.

In order to maintain this flatline, Apple posted these jobs on the following dates: August 10, August 20, August 21, September 26, October 25, December 04, and February 22.

The current job postings look to be the exact same postings Apple had six months back.

While the exact date of Apple's supposed AR glasses release is unknown — an analyst was the one who leaked the details on this — we'll continue to monitor their postings, as a spike in openings would mean they might be getting close to a release.

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