In a move that isn't necessarily surprising but at the very least a sign of the times, Apple ($AAPL) is, for the first time, hiring as many people for its Apple Music team in Culver City, Los Angeles, as it is at its Cupertino headquarters.

Apple has, at least traditionally, been a Cupertino-based company when it comes to all things creative. But with the launch of Apple TV and a scramble for original programming, the company opened a large production and creative facility in Hollywood-adjacent Culver City.

But along with hiring activity for Apple's upcoming Apple TV Plus streaming service, the company is building up its Apple Music team in the area.

And just this week, for the first time, hiring in Culver City for Apple Music has outpaced that of Cupertino.

Just last week, Apple listed 12 Apple Music openings in Cupertino. Then, this week, it matched those with 12 openings in Culver City.

Apple hiring in Culver City has been on an uptick since the company committed to opening a facility there. It's been on the hunt for everything from content creators to legal staff to lock down content acquisitions and, now, a burgeoning Apple Music Los Angeles team.

The change reflects a major change at the company that will likely see corporate culture shifts. Once a solidly Silicon Valley company led by technology and design, Apple's future appears to be one that may look more like a Hollywood company led by content and creative.

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