Today's event from Apple ($AAPL) revealed a few new services that we've been seeing grow before our eyes with the data trails left on the company's careers page. From Apple News+ — a product of the Apple Media team — to general software and services positions, Apple was planning to make this event a full public leap into investing its resources towards improving existing applications and subscriptions.

One trend that we did not talk about, but that job-listings data saw coming, was a development for Apple Pay. As announced during the company's live event, Apple Pay will include the Apple Card, a credit card backed by Goldman Sachs ($GS) through Mastercard ($MA).

In late August 2017, Apple had position postings for Apple Pay in the single digits. This would soon double into 2018 and be steady, with the number of Apple Pay job openings being in the high-20s or low-30s per day.

Then, over the course of one month between November and December of 2018, Apple increased the number of job openings with "Apple Pay" in the title by over 50%.

While there weren't any hints dropped through specific or generic language in these job openings, especially with the partnerships Apple now has with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, this increase definitely could have raised some eyebrows alongside leaks and other reports about this new development to Apple Pay. That would be the case, if it wasn't for a similarly timed spike at Goldman.

A missing link: Goldman Sachs consumer jobs spike

As noted, Goldman Sachs is looking to innovate in the consumer banking space. Previously, it made strides with Marcus, an online bank that offers competitive rates for savings accounts, CD's, and loans.

Right around the same time Apple was hiring more people for Apple Pay, Goldman Sachs had a spike in "consumer" banking jobs, specifically those for its Consumer Banking Technology group. This is particularly interesting as it comes at a time when hiring at Goldman Sachs is slowing down by as much as 32% since the new year, right when this uptick in consumer banking technology openings began.

The specific postiions also provided some hints into Goldman's near future. On January 2, the most common top title among all openings was for Full Stack Developers within its Application Development team.


Title (Count)

Consumer Banking Technology - Application Development - Full Stack Developer


Consumer Banking Technology - DevOps - Automation & Systems Engineer


Consumer Banking Technology - Application Development - Front-End Developer


Consumer Banking Technology - Application Development - Back-End Developer


Consumer Banking Technology - Trust and Tech Risk - Information Security Officer


Consumer Banking Technology - Architecture - Pega Architect


Consumer Banking Technology - CCBD Tech Integrated Solutions - CCBD Tech, Application Development, Back-End Developer


Consumer Banking Technology - UK Consumer Deposits Technology - CCBD Tech, Application Development, Front-End Developer


Consumer Banking Technology - CCBD Tech Integrated Solutions - CCBD Tech, Trust and Tech Risk, Surveillance Analytics Engineer


With a release date in the Summer of 2019, the Apple Card will be a bold new project for both Apple and Goldman. Whether or not it will be a success will remain to be seen.

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