New York’s tenants may be experiencing a brief reprieve from an otherwise typically, endlessly skyrocketing cost of housing. But still, the rent in New York City, as former gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan put it, is too damn high.

This is not just a problem exclusive to the world's financial capital; businesses based in economic centers around the world are starting to question the logic of bringing employees to areas where capital is thrown into black holes of housing costs. As one investor decamping from San Francisco to cheaper pastures told the New York Times, money invested in the Bay Area is “basically paying landlords, Twilio, and Amazon Web Services.”

But in finance, an industry traditionally moored to Lower Manhattan, spendthrifts realized that the “New York Or Nowhere” mantra maybe shouldn’t extend further than the face of a (bad and overpriced) tote bag. Of the biggest 15 American banks (excluding SunTrust and U.S. Bancorp), here are the 10 cities that haven’t ranked in AT Kearney’s annual Global Cities index for the past two years, but are where the banks have posted the most job openings.

City Jobs Available
Charlotte 1099
Bengaluru 513
Richmond 512
McLean 375
Tampa 335
Pittsburgh 334
Jersey City 329
Irving 308
Plano 302
Chennai 289

Charlotte ranks well and above all other cities on non-traditional city list, as well as second in the overall list behind New York. Its location as the headquarters of Bank of America ($BAC) and a major center for Wells Fargo ($WFC) after its acquisition of Wachovia makes it the largest banking center of the South.

Pittsburgh is home to PNC ($PNC), Capital One ($COF) lives in McLean, Virginia, which is a two-hour drive on the I-95 from Richmond. No surprises for either city, of course.

But for the rest of the top ten, banks seem to be building entire offsite teams in cheaper, more localized ecosystems. Plano had the highest number of openings with “Developer” or “Engineer” at 51 percent, reflecting its growing role as a site of programmers. 33 percent of Tampa’s openings are for analysts.

Title Jobs Available
Senior Software Engineer 66
Software Engineer 28
Client Service Representative 24
Master Software Engineer 21
Java Developer 16
Sr. Specialist Developer 16
Analyst I - Apps Prog 15
Production Services Lead 14
Business Control Manager 13
Senior Financial Analyst 12
Sr. Software Engineer 11
Specialist Developer 10
Senior Administrative Assistant (Admin Assistant III) 10
Risk Analysis Manager 10
Senior Data Engineer 9
Data Engineer 9

Furthermore, Morgan Stanley ($MS) is hiring for positions based in Bengaluru, along with a few jobs in non-major U.S. cities like South Jordan, Utah and Gilbert, Arizona, as we saw earlier this week.

Not every bank is setting up shop in these non-traditional financial hubs. Out of the largest banks in America, only 8 are responsible for hiring in the ten of our most popular non-global cities.

Ticker Symbol City Jobs Available
TD Ameritrade Tampa 1
TD Ameritrade Jersey City 22
Bank of America Charlotte 1089
Bank of America Richmond 54
Bank of America Jersey City 126
Bank of America Pittsburgh 16
Bank of America McLean 8
Bank of America Tampa 35
Bank of America Plano 155
Bank of America Bengaluru 1
Bank of America Irving 8
Bank of America Chennai 43
Bank of New York Mellon Tampa 2
Bank of New York Mellon Jersey City 145
Bank of New York Mellon Pittsburgh 317
Bank of New York Mellon Irving 1
Bank of New York Mellon Chennai 49
Citigroup Charlotte 2
Citigroup Jersey City 33
Citigroup Irving 297
Citigroup Chennai 197
Citigroup Tampa 290
Citigroup Bengaluru 45
Capital One Bengaluru 3
Capital One Richmond 457
Capital One McLean 367
Capital One Irving 2
Capital One Charlotte 1
Capital One Tampa 5
Capital One Plano 147
Capital One Jersey City 3
Goldman Sachs Bengaluru 212
Morgan Stanley Charlotte 4
Morgan Stanley Tampa 2
Morgan Stanley Pittsburgh 1
Morgan Stanley Bengaluru 101
Morgan Stanley Richmond 1
State Street Charlotte 3
State Street Bengaluru 151

Of course, all of these banks have roots planted in New York City and other global financial hubs such as London. But by saving some rent, these industry leaders can afford to buy their new developers all the Amazon Web Services they need, to say the least.

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