Despite the very public dismantling of Amazon HQ2 in Queens, NY before it even broke ground, new signals indicate that Amazon ($AMZN) is far from done with New York City. That's because, among other things (see below), job Amazon listings in New York, NY are up a massive 83% since the New Year alone.

On January 1, Amazon had 501 openings in New York City. As of this week, that number is approaching 1,000.

Normally this wouldn't be too much cause for alarm, as Amazon is a rapidly growing company that is hiring around the globe at a brisk pace. After all, this is a company that is currently hiring for close to 34,000 people worldwide.

While overall job openings at Amazon are up 43%, that's a far cry from the uptick in the company's listings in NYC. 

This new data comes as Amazon is reportedly eyeing office space in Manhattan's west side, at One and Two Manhattan West, two new office developments that can accommodate the tech giant's apparent needs. Those needs, apparently, include 100,000 square feet of office space for employees in Manhattan.

100,000 square feet would fit a lot of employees, especially given that this would be office space the company is looking for (as opposed to warehouses). As of this week, Software Architects are most in demand at Amazon, followed by solutions architects and sales.

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