It was only three weeks ago that we told you that Amazon was hiring 4x the number of positions for its Alexa digital assistant than Apple was for Siri. On that date, Amazon had 598 open positions with the word "Alexa" in them. As of today, that number of positions is now 659.

A week before that, we reported that Apple hiring for "Siri" positions was at its highest ever.

As for Apple jobs with the word "Siri" in them, after a minor stall, that number has risen back up to 164.

But when we compare the two as we do in the graph above (data up to April 23, 2018), it's clear that Amazon continues to hire more aggressively for its home assistant than Apple.

That said, Apple made huge waves in the technology and investment communities two weeks ago when it announced the hiring of Google's chief of search and artificial intelligence, John Giannandrea. This was a clear bid to send Siri to school in the hopes of making Apple's lagging digital assistant catch up to competition from both Amazon and Google.

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