Boeing ($BA) just pulled its 2019 financial guidance due to uncertainty surrounding the 737 MAX aircraft, which were the focal point of the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines accidents. The 737 MAX is still grounded by major airlines and companies.

While the aircraft company is still figuring out this mess, including how the Federal Aviation Administration approved these jets in the first place, hiring at the company is on the decline.

Usually, companies have periods of time when job openings rise and fall, often related to contract grants or other seasonal factors. Up until this past month, Boeing hasn't experienced any declines in job openings. And around this time last year, it was on a marked hiring spree.

Over the past month, however, job openings at the company have declined 23.68%. That's a telling trend for a company already facing fiscal challenges, including the $1 billion it says the 737 MAX issues will cost the company at least.

At present, Boeing is looking for engineers of all sorts. This is typical of a company that manufactures arguably the most complex mass transportation vehicle type.


Number of Openings (Apr. 23)

Software Engineer


Systems Engineer


Industrial Engineer


Manufacturing Engineer


Manufacturing Planner


Software Engineer 3


Industrial Security Specialist


Senior Software Engineer


Office Administrator


Project Manager


Staff Analyst


However, the number of job openings for engineers falls right in line with the overall trend.

As it works through its issues surrounding the 737 MAX jets — it has already completely upwards of 135 test flights with new software — and states uncertainty as to when these jets will be back in the air, it appears that it has also grounded its hiring efforts around the world.

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