Thinknum Media, the world’s fastest-growing, alternative-data-focused media outlet, attracting millions of readers from the business and investment community is excited to announce its first ever writing competition!

Thinknum creates datasets from a broad array of public online sources, capturing ephemeral information on the products, operating markets and labor markets of 450,000+ global companies across sectors, and provides rich toolsets for extracting intelligence.

Who are we? We’re a team of data journalists, researchers, and story tellers on a mission to tell stories based purely on the universe’s most factual element: mathematics.

Who are you? An ambitious, data savvy, and inquisitive writer, hungry to tell the stories behind the numbers. Grab the data, work the angles, and be prepared to write your face off.

The brief: We want to hear story pitches from the best reporters in the world, who think they can create compelling data-driven narratives at Thinknum Media.

The data: We track companies best - and worst - moments on social media, as brands fight for consumers' approval. We measure how businesses are making major transitions in how they interact with consumers, through apps. Thinknum reviews job posting data, right down the rank, role and town where a company wants to grow. We can see how companies build their footprints, through sophisticated mapping software. And we can see which items are hot sellers online, in real-time. Take some time to read through each of the links we've listed to get a sense of how you - and, what - would write for Thinknum Media. Create a submission with 200 words, telling us what data you would use, and how, to build a narrative.

Once submitted, our media team will review your entry. If selected, your content will be published on Thinknum Media. Please send your submissions to

Submission deadline: July 17, 2020

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